To Find the Stillness in Movement

The Wriston Art Galleries - Lawrence Uni

This solo exhibition features new works that examine travel and movement, independence, the landscape, and the labor of care. Shot in rural Austria, the two-channel video installation H.E.R. (2016-2019) expresses the internal thoughts and emotions of a character named Her. As the scenes move between in and out of doors Her’s actions of care are mundane and every day - from raking to hanging laundry. A series of photographic portraits, intentionally shot with a variety of cameras and using both film and digital, reveal individuals who take care of the land in subtle and genuine ways. The video and sculpture work The Rails They Traveled, The Mountains They Saw, The Things They Carry (2019) offers the viewer an opportunity to meditate on travel, transience, and the experience of moving through the landscape. Events including an artist talk, social events around Appleton, a live improvised film score performance, a film and video screening, and exhibition closing events create unique opportunities for viewers to interact with the artworks and artist, to create moments of community, and to think through the ideas in the exhibition more deeply.

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