Where the Eyes Fall

︎ Hawthrone Contemporary

featuring the works by Milwaukee based artists Maeve Jackson and Daniel McCullough.

Jackson and McCullough explore different concepts which drive their photographic practices.

Jackson alludes to specificity in narratives often depicting images of people and landscapes but allows the viewers to insert their own histories to individualize the meaning. Her approach is humanistic and generous and asks viewers to self-reflect and re-evaluate their relationship to the world. McCullough investigates the conceptual gaps between the lens of a camera to the outside world. These gaps represent opportunities for the artist to take playful risks, often without knowing the outcome of the work. Using a traditional film camera, he intentionally disrupts the film developing or alters the prescribed processing techniques to abstract the representation of time and place. 

Hawthorn Contemporary, located in the historic Walker’s Point neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is an art venue dedicated to presenting experimental and exploratory contemporary art.

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